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Office of the Registrar

Legal Name Change Request

The Office of the Registrar requests notification when a student has an official name change. Below are the steps necessary to make this change.

Step 1

Download and complete the fillable Legal Name Change Request PDF.

This form can be digitally signed if opened in either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. If it is opened in the browser, it can still be filled out, but you will need to print it in order to sign it. Your printed form will then need to be scanned in order for you to send it to us electronically.

Step 2

Verify from the list below what supporting/authenticating documents can be used as evidence to support your Legal Name Change Request Form. If multiple options are listed, only one is required.

Note: At least one supporting/authenticating document must be submitted with your Legal Name Change Request Form.

  • Misspelling
    • Copy of Driver's License
  • Marriage
    • Copy of Driver's License
    • Copy of Social Security Card
    • Copy of Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce
    • Copy of Legal Divorce Decree (the first page and the page authorizing the name change are sufficient)
  • Legal Name Change
    • Copy of Court Order of Legal Name Change
  • Naturalization
    • Copy of Naturalization Document
    • Copy of Passport
  • Religious Reasons
    • Copy of Court Order of Legal Name Change

Step 3

Submit your paperwork to the Office of the Registrar via the form below.

Step 4

Contact the IT@UC Service Desk (513) 556-HELP/ (513) 556-4357 to requst a change to your username associated with the Central Login Service.

Step 5

Once your name has been changed by the Office of the Registrar, you can obtain a new student ID (Bearcat Card) at the Keys & Badges Desk in 4 Edwards Center. Their office hours are Monday through Friday 7:00 am – 5:00 pm. Call 556-4925 for additional information.