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Wait List Procedures

Wait lists are a tool to help students get automatically enrolled into classes that are full. If a class is full but has an available wait list (noted by a yellow triangle in the Schedule of Classes), students may be able to add themselves to the wait list. Once seats open up, students will be enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis.

The wait list period for each term will run from the first date of Early Registration until the last day to add online for the full semester.

Important Notes:

  • It is the student’s responsibility to check his or her own wait list and/or enrollment status. Once a student has joined a wait list, it is the student’s responsibility to monitor that request. If the student decides to no longer be on the wait list, he/she must drop the wait list request to ensure he/she is not placed in the class. Once the wait list period has ended, the request will automatically expire if the student wasn’t placed in the class.
  • Pay attention to any emails coming from the University of Cincinnati Registrar via Students will be notified via email if you are placed in the wait listed class, but it is still the student’s responsibility to monitor his/her wait list status.
  • Students must attend the classes for which their status is “Enrolled”. If the student plans to drop one of his/her current classes if he/she gets into a wait listed class, the student must continue attending the original class until he/she is actually enrolled in that class.
  • Students may wait list up to 9 credit hours each semester.


Getting on a Wait List

For information on how students can place themselves on a wait list as well as other tips and tricks, please visit

Wait List Tips

  • Wait list position is displayed on the class schedule. Students should check their wait list request daily until they are placed in the class or until wait list processing ends.
  • After the last day to add a wait list, all unsatisified wait list requests will be removed from students' schedules. Consult the Dates and Deadlines Calendar to determine the last day to add a wait list for the term/session.
  • Wait list requests may be added or dropped, but they cannot be modified.
  • If a student no longer wishes to take a course that is wait listed, s/he must drop the wait list request in order to be certain that s/he will not be placed in the class. Wait lists may be dropped via the Add/Drop Classes link on the My Academics tab in Catalyst. The student must consult the Dates and Deadlines Calendar for the applicable drop deadline.
  • After wait list processing has ended, students may still add a course in which the wait list did not place them by following the Closed Classes procedure.
  • If a department has placed a wait list on a class, faculty will not be signing add slips to override the class capacity. The only option to get into these closed classes is for students to place themselves on the wait list and be enrolled from the wait list.
  • When adding a class in Catalyst, students will see a check box to "Wait list if class is full."  This box will need to be checked in order for a student to place him/herself on a wait list.  This check box appears for all classes regardless of whether or not a wait list has been set up for that class.

There is no guarantee that students from a wait list will be enrolled in that class.