Starting a New Club Sport Organization


New Club Sport organization applications must be submitted online and include all necessary materials and components before the Club Sports Board (CSB) can review the application.

Once the information is submitted the Advisor and President will receive a communication from CSB to confirm receipt of the online application.

New Student Organization Application requirements:

•10 current students who are interested in chartering your organization. 

•A university faculty or staff member willing to serve as your advisor

Submission of Online Application

  • Submit online application on CampusLINK (URL coming soon!)
  • Submit constitution and bylaws that are consistent with university policies and procedures 
  • Roster that includes 10 matriculating students and their university M number or the minimum number of students required to participate in sport/activity (i.e. Soccer requires 11 to play, so 11 students must be listed)
  • Risk Management Plan
  • 3 Year Projected Budget
  • (3) First Year Goals for the organization

Once all of the above information is submitted CSB will review the application using the criteria listed below:

•Potential conflict with University policies.

•Non-duplication of the mission of previously recognized organizations.

•The feasibility of funding the organization’s goals or projects.

•The clarity of the objectives and goals of the proposed organization.

•Local autonomy of the organization. The criterion for local autonomy shall be whether the University organization makes all policy decisions without obligation to any parent organization, national chapter, or charter.

•The number of interested members of the student body.

What is the timeline for recognition?

The average time of the approval process is 2-3 weeks depending on what is submitted for review. The CSB meets bi-weekly on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month at 8 pm in TUC 425.

New club sport organizations are eligible to apply for recognition September-April as long as CSB has remaining meetings and/or agenda time.


Club Sport organizations are eligible for annual allocated funding through the Student Fee. CSB policy requires a new club sport organization to be active for (1) academic year before becoming eligible for annual funding. New organization, however, can apply for an Additional Funding Request hearing with the Club Sports Allocation Committee (CSAC).