SALD Leadership focuses on the following competencies:

Leadership Development

Engaging in the Community

Advancing Communication Skills

Developing Cultural Awareness


Program Mission: Student Activities and Leadership Development created the Leadership Education And Development Program (LEAD) to enhance the quality of individual student leadership and to provide services to promote quality organizational development opportunities for UC student groups and organizations. 

Leadership at UC is a university-wide initiative designed to educate the whole student through experiences, processes, activities, programs and coursework designed to educate the whole student and provide a pathway for student success, development, and personal growth.

Leadership is grounded in classroom curriculum and out-of-the classroom experiences that together create a learning environment that focuses on knowledge acquisition, cognitive complexity, intrapersonal development, interpersonal competence, civic engagement, and practical competence. Leadership is not solely positional but is a process and vehicle where student's passions meet their purpose.

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SALD Leadership Definition: Leadership is the continuous growth to be the best version of yourself. Leadership inspires action. Leadership is not only what you give to yourself, but what you give to others. Leadership is giving more than you take.

Leadership education within SALD focuses on:

  • developing self-awareness
  • living in alignment with your values
  • contributing positively to your community
  • finding your passion and purpose
  • being authentic

Camp Bearcats

A first year leadership retreat for and by students

Student Leadership Conference

A one-day leadership program to build your leadership

Emerging Ethnic Leaders

An institute for students of color

Honor Society

Student organizations receiving recognition.

Student Leadership Certificate

An academic certificate that incorporates your student involvement