Emerging Campus Leaders

ECL Cohort Program 2015-2016

ECL End of Year Program

Program Description: Emerging Campus Leaders is open to first yearstudents and seeks to guide participants through both their collegiate and life endeavors. ECL facilitates one-on-one mentorships with upperclassmen, and hosts talented and diverse speakers from across the city of Cincinnati and the UC community. Through interactive activities, speakers, and themed meetings, ECL develops skills to enhance achievement and build confidence in first-year students.

Past Events: Time management, leadership styles, effective communication, public speaking, innovative thinking, diversity and inclusion, personal reflection, UC athletics and more.

Contact info:

Danielle Peters, peterd4@mail.uc.edu

Application Deadline - Friday September 9, 2017

Application Link - www.tinyurl.com/ECL2016

Meeting Date -  Monday nights 7:30-9:00 PM