Lead & Grow Grant

Student Affairs professionals and offices want to support students in their experiential endeavors that may not currently be covered entirely through funding opportunities on campus. The purpose of the grant opportunity administered through Student Affairs is to support students in their experiential and professional endeavors outside of the classroom. 


UBSA Study Abroad Trip

Values/Outcomes/Goals/Focus Areas

The following outline the values associated with the Lead & Grow Grant. Your experience should fall under one of the following areas.

Community: What skills sets will you bring back to UC to contribute to the sense of community? What will you learn at this experience that will enhance the experience of your fellow students and improve the University? How will this prepare (make?) you a leader on campus?

Intellectual Growth/Learning: How will this experience help you acquire new knowledge and understanding? How will this supplement/enhance your academic experience? How will you apply what you learn to your academics? How will this prepare you to be a leader in your academic field?

Professional Growth: How will this help you develop skills to be competitive post-graduation, hone skills, support professional growth, marketable, career preparation, and portfolio development? Leadership skills in your career?

Global Engagement: How will this experience increase your international awareness, develop and integrate knowledge and skills to live successfully in the world-wide community, understand and be successful throughout the ever-evolving modern-world? How will this prepare you to be a global leader?


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