Student Organizations


Student Organizations

The University of Cincinnati serves as host to over 550 student organizations that support a variety of different interests.  These interests range from political/activist, cultural, academic, social and many, many, more! To access a list of all the student organizations offer at the University of Cincinnati click on the CampusLINK below.

Student Activities & Leadership Development through our student organizations and programs is committed to creating a campus environment that is inclusive,  fosters a sense of community, diverse, and demonstrates integrity.

Moreover, if after reviewing the online directory you cannot find an organization that interests you, there is an opportunity to establish an organization! For additional information on this process click on How to Start Your own Student Organization.

Student Organization Handbook

We are committed to student's learning. Therefore, by getting involved students will develop:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Organizational leadership, time management, and communication skills
  • An awareness of ther leadership identiy and abilities
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Student Organization

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