UC Campus LINK

What is CampusLINK?

CampusLINK has been updated! It is now operating under a new software system called OrgSync which is why it looks a little different and the reason you might see a circular arrow periodically on CampusLINK.

CampusLINK is still…

  • a place for student engagement
  • an involvement link to UC
  • a space for communication among students leaders and within organizations and offices/departments on campus 
  • an online platform for engagement resources, event, and organizational info

But now it also has…

  • Your own personal feed featuring announcements from your communities and university
  • The ability to track your involvement around campus
  • Budget management capabilities
  • Integrated event development and promotion tools
  • To-do list trackers
  • Mobility! The website easily translates onto mobile devices

How do I get my organization on CampusLINK?

Look for your organization on UC CampusLINK and reregister to update your portal. Current officers are able to request administrative access and update your portal. Make sure you have your constitution and bylaws ready to upload. If you need access to your page to reregister and update, contact SALD in 455 Steger, 513-556-6115, or email us.

CampusLINK is your place to go for getting involved on campus. Watch this video for an introduction to the new and improved CampusLINK!

UC Campus LINK

Interested in learning more about CampusLINK?

Contact the Office of SALD to schedule a session today!

What does CampusLINK do?

As a student leader, Campus LINK can match you with your interests and suggest organizations and events with which you may want to get involved to gain leadership experience or to have fun while here at UC! 

When using Campus Link as a student organization or office, this resource can help you communicate to your members, manage your own roster, advertise events campus wide, store documents, create forms to gather information, link social media platforms to your Campus LINK site to gain new interest, and many other tools to help you stay organized and communicate with your members.