Starting Your Own Student Organization

New group applications must be submitted online and include all necessary materials and components before the Student Activities Board (SAB) can review the application.

Once the information is submitted the Advisor and President will receive a communication from SAB to confirm receipt of the online application.

New Student Organization Application requirements:

•10 current students who are interested in chartering your organization. 

•A university faculty or staff member willing to serve as your advisor

Submission of Online Application

  • Submit constitution and bylaws that are consistent with university policies and procedures 
  • Roster that includes 10 matriculating students and their university M number

Once all of the above information is submitted SAB will review the application using the criteria listed below:

•Potential conflict with University policies.

•Non-duplication of the mission of previously recognized organizations.

•The feasibility of funding the organization’s goals or projects.

•The clarity of the objectives and goals of the proposed student organization.

•Local autonomy of the organization. The criterion for local autonomy shall be whether the University organization makes all policy decisions without obligation to any parent organization, national chapter, or charter.

•The number of interested members of the student body.

What is the timeline for recognition?

The average time of the approval process is 2-3 weeks depending on what is submitted for review. If you your student organization wishes to receive funding your  constitution and by-laws must reflect that membership is open to all students and there is no charge for membership dues.

The exact period for new student group applications changes annually. We offer a fall semester window and a spring semester window. For deadlines and more information, contact the Student Activities Board at 513-556-6103.

The Student Activities Board does not meet over the summer, therefore all new organization applications should be submitted during the new org registration window to be considered for approval during the current academic year.


New Student Organizations that are eligible for funding must wait 4 weeks before submitting a budget to the University Funding Board or operating expenses. 

Click here for a step by step visual guide PDF Version 

Student Organization Resources

Constitution & Bylaws Template

Registration Presentation Dates and Times

Dates will be announced soon.