For the Bearcats

Our concept, “For the Bearcats”, is centered around our love for the University and the rapid upward climb we are experiencing as a whole. “For the Bearcats” unites us all as loyal children of the Red and Black, but also allows us to carry our individual identities to the table. It is with this, dozens of lengthy conversations, and our own experiences in mind that we decided to break our platform down to 6 unique sections:

I. For the Campus Services

  • Printing Services  
  • Meal Plan Swipe Expansion 
  • Findlay Market in the Dining Halls
  • Expansion of Campus Study Rooms 

II. For the Academics

  • 21 Credit Hour Fee Forgiveness 
  • First Year Experience Development  
  • Co-Op Fees 

III. For the Well Being

  • Good Samaritan Policy 
  • Emergency UCPD Texting 
  • Sexual Assault Resource Centralization 
  • Student Emergency Fund 
  • Sustainability Focus 

IV. For the Student Interest

  • Co-Op Placement for International Students 
  • Support for Equity and Inclusion 
  • Gender Neutral Housing Expansion 
  • Prayer and Meditation Areas 
  • Halal and Kosher Dining Options 

V. For the City

  • WhatToFix UC 
  • Metro Bus Deal 
  • Enhancing Cincinnati Public Schools Relations  
  • Basketball Bussing 

VI. For the Accountability

  • Cabinet Initiative Focus  
  • Spending Transparency  
  • Back to Basic