For the Accountability

One of the most important aspects to Student Government’s success is the proficiency and productiveness of how the internal organization runs to represent students as well as possible. In knowing that, we felt it important to validate the concerns many students have with SG by providing tangibles to better the inner workings of the organization. And because of this, we’re For the Accountability.

A. Cabinet Initiative Focus

1. Why? ​Student Government has over 100 members and we fully intend to utilize every single one. Cabinet members provide an irreplaceable knowledge and task force to the body of SG and have been responsible for some of the most unique and long-standing initiatives in SG’s history.

2. Who? ​SG, specifically cabinet members and applicants

3. What? ​Ensure the members of cabinet feel included and utilize their know-how they bring to the table to accomplish great things!

4. How? ​We want to establish suggestions and a running list of cabinet initiatives that have been accomplished in the past as reference for the incoming cabinet. This will not only assist in generating ideas, but also give an idea of what types of programming and initiatives are possible. We hope to continue the new (Phelps Duncan) structure of including directors in committees to ensure their voices are heard in the Senate room when necessary.

B. Spending Transparency

1. Why? ​To continue the current Student Government administration’s efforts to be more fiscally transparent, we felt a definitive plan of how to do this was critical to our platform.

2. Who? ​All students, as all students pay the general fee

3. What? ​We will create fiscal transparency by posting every SG expenditure both on our website and outside of the SG office. We hope to have frequent conversations with students about the budget and its whereabouts throughout the year.

4. How? ​The treasurer and executive team will be responsible for these postings and keeping them current.

C. Back to Basics

1. Why? ​We feel it is the #1 and most basic duty of SG to represent students the best we can.

2. Who? ​Bashir, Dana, and all of SG. For all students.

3. What? ​We intend to set the tone for SG as a representative body, not necessarily a legislative body and ensure that tone is seen by students outside of SG.

4. How? ​We will do this by continuing the “We the Bearcats” petitioning system and supplementing it with the smaller, quicker “WhatToFix UC” system. In addition, we will both be holding regular office hours in various centers and offices around campus to allow for direct student contact that we may not otherwise get, as started this year by the current administration. This, along with a general approachability, will ensure that we’re going back to basics to best represent our fellow Bearcats.