For the Campus Services

We firmly believe that the University has an innate duty to assist its students not only in the classroom, but also outside of it. The overall purpose of Campus Services is the enhancement of student services. We promise to continue to support any University or student-led initiative that will better the Bearcat experience.

A. Printing Services

1. Why? ​Students’ number one focus is and should always be their academics. While we are lucky to have prints included in our university accommodations, we feel there is a need to have an extension of locations to utilize these prints. We will be adding printing stations to select residence halls and student life locations on campus (TUC and/or Steger).

2. Who?​ All students, specifically those with smaller numbers of “included prints” as well as those students living in residence halls.

3. What?​ Getting more printing locations for student ease of access for homework, studying, and other academic purposes.                            

4. How?​ Partnering with RHA, using SG’s budget, and coordination with University Utility services.

B. Findlay Market in the Dining Halls  

1. Why? ​We feel that to enhance the student dining experience, having an upgrade in the dining halls is crucial to assist those students looking for healthier, more fulfilling dining options.

2. Who?​ Students eating on campus, students living on campus, students with dining plans.

3. What?​ Coordinating and being the student voice to lobby and push for the necessary need of better dining options.

4. How? ​There was internal discussions between SG and Dining Services about creating this program a little over a year ago that Bashir was a part of. We plan to continue from where it left off with the University staff and administration to make this initiative a reality for students. We will be utilizing connections with John Hautz (Dining Services), and Kellen Heines (Findlay Market). It is beneficial to both UC’s Dining Services as well as Findlay Market and are very confident in its execution.

C. Expansion of Campus Study Rooms

1. Why? ​We believe that both to increase student spirit on campus and help the student buy-in to our university, there needs to be a student connection with our campus. This will assist with everything from academics to student spirit, and to do this there needs to more areas on campus open for student use to study, relax, meet, and more.

2. Who? ​All students!

3. What? ​Have rooms open on campus to relax and study 5 

4. How?​ 25 Live and Student Government/SALD agreement to make SG responsible for these open rooms in TUC, Braunstein, and McMicken. Similar to how there are current rooms in TUC available to be signed out at the Conferences and Event Services desk.

D. Meal Plan Swipe Expansion

1. Why? ​Any increase in university offerings to students helps in bettering the student experience. In the past, we’ve seen an expansion of the program that was very well-received by students. We hope to continue the swipe expansions so that students get more usage from their meal plan at more locations around campus.

2. Who? ​Students with meal plans looking for more accessible options around campus.

3. What? ​An expansion of the swipe program will enable students to use swipes for a base meal offering from one or more of the Aramark partner restaurants on campus (Subway, Papa John’s, Taco Bell, Burger King, Chick-Fil-A, etc). In addition to these locations, we believe that there can be new “express” swipe locations for to-go meals in the Lindner College of Business.  

4. How? ​Housing and Food Services worked with Student Government in 2015 to get a swipe program deal with Papa John’s. While it was a successful program, it was not continued due to funding. We will be reigniting the conversations to expand the swipe program, which is something we know will help more students get more out of their college experience.