For the City

In our efforts to drive the University onward and upward, we also want to be cognizant of the fact that we arethe University of Cincinnati. To us, that means connecting UC with the city in which we live and the people who call it home in as many healthy, mutually beneficial ways as possible.

A. WhatToFix UC

1. Why? ​We believe this past year’s ”We the Bearcats” petition program is a fantastic way to continue Student Government transparency and plan to continue it. We also recognize and believe that there may be more we can do to truly represent all student wants and needs, both the big and the small. WTF UC is a way for students to tell the university What to Fix.

2. Who?​Any and all students who wish to submit complaints, recommendations, or questions about anything at the University.

3. What? ​A Google Form. It’s as simple as that! It’s just something that students can use to file their grievances about anything at the University, be it a broken water fountain in Langsam or a light that’s out behind Siddall, among other things.

4. How? ​SG will monitor and respond to all submissions to the WTF UC form and respond within 72 hours to give the students the steps SG will take to help or connect that student to the correct campus resource for assistance.

B. Metro Deal

1. Why? ​Students are encouraged to utilize our city’s amazing professional environment via co-op and other experiential learning opportunities. Having the University help pay for that access to the city through the Metro would ensure our students are set up for success.

2. Who? ​Getting all students who need to use the metro for co-op, internships, volunteering, or any other University approved experiential learning program cheaper or free access to the metro and possibly expanding that to the street car in the spring semester.

3. What? ​UC already has a deal for its students to get a metro pass for a semester, but we think the University has more of a duty to its students and fostering our relations and utilization of the city of Cincinnati that the metro pass should be subsidized in some way by UC.

4. How? ​We are willing to have SG lead by example and partner with the University Office of Transportation to help pay for the program and its offerings.

C. Enhancing Cincinnati Public Schools Relations

1. Why? ​A major issue during our time here at the University arose in the aftermath of the Sam Dubose murder involving the status of racism and equality here at UC. The Irate 8 addressed these issues, one of their demands that we feel is going to be really important to continue an emphasis on is the recruitment and retention of diversity (Demand IV). 

2. Who? ​Students and those interested in the relationship with the city around us.

3. What? ​While UC can do everything in it’s power to accomplish this goal or improved recruitment and retention in the city, there must be an effort to fix the systemic problem in our country’s education system where students in lower income families (many of whom are minorities) do not get the same opportunities as others in their education. UC must invest and work on that in our own backyard with CPS.

4. How? ​We will promote the continuation of CPS support in meetings and decisions with administration as well as supporting the outreach and tutoring programs amongst students.

D. Basketball Bussing

1. Why? ​The Bearcat basketball team is having a wonderful season and looking to make a postseason run this March. We are huge Bearcats fans and are definitely looking forward to the Fifth Third Arena renovations coming this year. But with those renovations, our home basketball games are going to be played in NKU’s BB&T Arena.

2. Who? ​Students! Especially those who love their Bearcats basketball.

3. What? ​With the Bearcats moving home games because of the renovations we want to insure as much of same game experience for students, and make sure that there isn’t a drop off with spirit and pride in our team.

4. How? ​We will work to make share there is bussing and other resources to continue the support of the Bearcats next basketball season.