The Boards of Student Government are:

  • Student Activities Board - Student Activities Board is the board of Student Government and in charge of registering, regulating, and promoting student organizations on campus. We hold multiple events a year such as two organization fairs, the Presidential Luncheon, and the Celebration of Student Involvement. Our main goal is to assist with developing new organizations as well as sustaining and empowering our current organizations to help students find their home on UC's campus.

  • University Funding Board - The University Funding Board is the branch of Student Government responsible for allocating a portion of the General Fee to eligible student organizations. We oversee upwards of $200,000 per year and serve over 400 organizations on campus.
  • Student Safety Board - Student Safety Board is the go-to group for safety programming and initiatives at the University of Cincinnati. We strive to educate and provide safety programming to all members of the University of Cincinnati community in order to improve the security, comfort, and knowledge of those who are on and around our campus.

Get Involved

There is an application process to gain a spot on SAB, SSB or UFB.  However, all Board meetings may be attended by any student at any time. Navigate to a specific board through the links above for more information on their new member recruitment processes and their meeting times and locations.