Cabinet and Executive Staff

Cabinet and Executive Staff exist as the executive branch of the Undergraduate Student Government. Their main role is to carry out the agenda of the elected Student Body Officers.


The Executive Staff of Student Government works under the direction of the Student Body Vice-President. The Executive Staff servse as a support staff for carrying out the priorities of elected and appointed members of Student Government. The Exec Staff consists of the Design Director, Diversity & Inclusion Director, Marketing Director, Outreach Director, Web Director, the Student Government Mentorship Program Director as well as Executive Directors that have the responsibility to carry out specific elements of the presidential platform as directed by the Student Body Vice-President.

Unlike Executive Directors (who further the platform projects of the Student Body President and Vice President), Cabinet Directors work on furthering and completing projects they are passionate about. In addition to projects, Directors work with their Committee Chair to complete group initiatives for the committee. For example, the Director of City Relations may be working on a voter engagement project, but they will also be working with the Governmental Affairs Committee to put on the Governmental Leadership Summit. Each committee has its own purpose, for more information please see individual committee pages.


Click here to see the 2017-18 Cabinet Roster

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