Student Government Mentorship Program


SGMP is aimed at undergraduate students who have an interest in the formal leadership procedures of the Undergraduate Student Government or would like to participate in a 9-month dialogue to improve leadership skills and abilities.

Utilizing the Student Government leadership team this program offers a detailed curriculum that educates and inspires undergraduate students to be involved in formal leadership positions within Student Government. Along with leadership development – SGMP educates program members on the processes of Student Government and how to facilitate institutional change. Using intergroup dialogue, one-on-one mentorship, guest speakers, and project based learning, SGMP further develops leaders that are familiar with Student Government processes.


                                                For more information contact SGMP Directors:
                                                          Sam Blizzard and Miranda Hileman


The majority of our meetings will be held in TUC (room TBD). Information will be communicated with the membership through email and GroupMe.


Get Involved

Our recruitment process consists of submitting an application that will be sent to the Student Body through email. The application will also be available on the Student Government CampusLINK page. After applications are submitted we will then review each application and contact candidates that we believe are the best fit for the program for interviews. After interviews are conducted the SGMP Class of 2017-2018 will be formed.

SGMP only recruits during the Fall semester. We do not admit new members once the program has started.