Urban Health Message from Sr VP William Ball

February 26, 2018

Dear UC Community,

President Pinto’s message in unveiling Next Lives Here, is clear.  As a leading urban public university, we have the ability and responsibility to impact our community through innovative solutions along three paths where we excel: Academic Excellence, Urban Impact and the Innovation Agenda.

An important aspect of Next Lives Here is about making our community a better place to live. One thing we can all agree on is that we want to live in a community in which the health of its citizens is a priority and a reality. Having a healthy community goes far beyond medical healthcare and its delivery, and must include environmental, social, educational and economic health for all.

President Pinto has asked me to lead you in the design and implementation of the Urban Health agenda of Next Lives Here. If we are to have a real impact on the health and well-being of our community, this will take the efforts of an entire university and its faculty, students and staff working across colleges, and most importantly working side by side with the community.

To begin the process of creating this effort, I have created a Steering Committee with representation of all colleges, regional campuses, units, staff and students who will seek input from across campus and from the community how best to be effective and impactful in changing the health of this community for the better. In the coming weeks, this Steering Committee will engage in broad outreach efforts to collect and listen to ideas from all of you and gather input from members of the community. The success of this effort will lie in your willingness to be engaged. I encourage you to use this opportunity to not only share your perspectives and provide feedback, but to become more involved in making this a healthier community in which to live.

This community has no shortage of challenges to becoming healthy. Our choice is to listen to how others intend to meet these challenges, or to be actively engaged as a UC community using our talents, innovation and creativity as the only research intensive and comprehensive university in the region to find impactful and meaningful solutions. You, of course, know the right answer, so let’s get started.

With warm regards,

William Ball, M.D.
Senior Vice President for Health Affairs
Christian R. Holmes Professor and Dean, College of Medicine