Frequently Asked Questions for Students

What is the process for having an accommodated test proctored in your office?

The first step in receiving testing accommodations is to register with Accessibility Resources. You can contact that office at 513-556-6823 to schedule an intake appointment. You must then have an accommodation form signed by each of your instructors prior to receiving testing accommodations. This form is available from Accessibility Resources.

You must then follow the registration and test policies listed here.

How can I set up an appointment for an accommodated test?

You must register for your test at least three (3) days before you plan to take it for tests during the term and seven (7) days prior to the test date for finals. You can login to the registration system with your 6+2 here: From there, you will be able to select which course you will need a test appointment for and when you will take the exam. If you are unable to access the system, contact our office at 513-556-7173.

When I try to register, I am told my appointment time is unavailable. What should I do?

First, check to make sure that no part of your appointment time falls outside of our normal testing hours (the Testing Services Home page for hours). The system will assign you a block of time for your test based on how much time the class gets for the test and any time adjustments you receive as part of your accommodation. This entire block of time must fit into our open hours. If your test falls outside of those hours, you must contact your instructor to make alternate arrangements so that you can take your test within the time our office is open.

If you are still unable to schedule an appointment for your test through the registration system, please call our office at 513-556-7173.

I registered for my test, and I know that my instructor got the reminder emails, so why isn't my test at Testing Services when I come to take it?

We cannot always tell why a instructor has not sent a test ahead of time, but the following reasons are the most typical we see:

  1. When you registered for your test, you did not put in the correct email address for your instructor. When that happens, you are notified but the instructor does not receive the emails. Be sure to check the UC directory, your syllabus, or Blackboard to make sure you have the instructor's correct email address.
  2. Your instructor may prefer for you to pick up the test in person.
  3. Your instructor may have forgotten to send the test.

What can you do about numbers two and three? Remember to speak with your instructor about your test accommodations on not only the day your accommodation form was signed but also in the class period prior to the date of the test. The automatically generated emails from the test registration system DO NOT take the place of you speaking with your instructor about your test accommodations. See our Testing Timeline page for more helpful tips.

When can I schedule an appointment?

Testing Services encourages you to schedule your exams for the entire semester after you receive your course syllabi and as close to the beginning of the semester as possible. If you need to make a change to a testing appointment after already scheduling the appointment, you can do so in the registration system. Accommodated testing is available during open testing hours, which are listed on the Testing Services Home page. You must schedule three business days prior to the day of your test for tests during the term, and one week prior for finals. Make sure to schedule your appointment/s as soon as possible to reserve an appointment. If you cannot take the test when the rest of the class is taking it due to a conflict in your class schedule or Testing Services hours, you must check with your instructor/s regarding the range of dates within which it is acceptable for you to take your test/s. Appointments that are not scheduled at least three business days prior to the day of your test or one week prior for finals are subject to seat availability and instructor approval.

Who do I contact about my Accommodation Form?

Contact Accessibility Resources at 513-556-6823 or Testing Services provides accommodations for classroom testing only. For any other questions related to other accommodations, or concerns you have regarding your testing accommodations, contact the DSO.

What happens when I come to take my test?

You will check-in at the front desk upon arrival and present your identification. Be advised that only materials approved by your instructor will be allowed in the testing room. You will be asked to secure other materials and personal belongings in a locker. We provide a lock for you.

What kind of ID will I need?

You will need a current photo identification in order to take your test. UC Student ID, Driver’s license, and Passport are all acceptable forms of ID.

Will I be able to store my personal items?

Yes, we have lockers where you will store all belongings not allowed in the testing room. You will not be able to access your locker during your test. We provide a lock for you.

What items am I allowed to bring into the testing room?

You can only bring into the room the items which your instructor has indicated are necessary for taking the test. Prohibited items for all students include electronic and smart devices, food, and beverages, regardless of whether or not your professor may allow you in class. Though you may not bring food or drinks into the testing room, you may keep these items in the designated area outside of the testing room in order to access them during your test.

What is the cell phone/electronics policy?

You are not allowed to have access to a cell phone or any other electronic or "smart" devices during any portion of your exam. If you bring one of these items to the test center, you will be asked to lock it in a locker. If you are found with any of these items during testing, your instructor will be formally notified, and academic disciplinary action may be taken against you.

How can I reschedule a test?

You may reschedule a test up to the day before your scheduled test. Log into the Accommodated Test Registration System, click on "View scheduled tests" and select the pencil icon to the left of the test that you wish to reschedule. Your instructor will receive an email letting them know that the test has been rescheduled.