University Rules: Administration

* 10-1-01
Board of trustees bylaws: Members of the board of trustees and their powers.
* 10-1-02
Board of trustees bylaws: Representatives to the board of trustees.
* 10-1-03
Board of trustees bylaws: Officers of the board and their duties.
* 10-1-04
Board of trustees bylaws: Meetings.
* 10-1-05
Board of trustees bylaws: Committees.
* 10-1-06
Board of trustees bylaws: Execution of instruments.
* 10-1-07
Board of trustees bylaws: The annual budget.
* 10-1-08
Board of trustees bylaws: Reimbursement of expenses for board members.
* 10-1-09
Board of trustees bylaws: Adoption, amendment and rescission of the board bylaws and rules of the university.
* 10-5-01
Organization: The president of the university.
* 10-5-02
Organization: The vice presidents of the university.
* 10-5-04
Organization: Senior vice president for administration and finance.
* 10-5-05
Organization: Senior vice president for academic affairs and provost.
* 10-5-07
Organization: Vice president for finance.
* 10-5-08
Organization: Organization: vice president for health affairs.
* 10-5-10
Organization: Vice president for research.
* 10-5-12
Organization: Vice president for legal affairs and general counsel.
* 10-5-14
Organization: Treasurer.
* 10-5-17
Organization: Vice president for development.
* 10-5-20
Organization: HIPAA administration and compliance.
* 10-6-01
University committees: Presidential search committee.
* 10-6-02
University committees: Guidelines for provost and dean search and for decanal review process.
* 10-6-03
University committees: Special and advisory committees.
* 10-13-01
Affirmative action: University policy on non-discrimination.
* 10-17-01
Conduct and ethics: Statement on political policy.
* 10-17-02
Conduct and ethics: Specific violations.
* 10-17-03
Conduct and ethics: Code of Conduct.
* 10-17-04
Conduct and ethics: Use of university resources.
* 10-17-05
Conduct and ethics: Policy for investigation of research misconduct.
* 10-17-06
Conduct and ethics: tobacco and smoke free environment.
* 10-17-07
Conduct and ethics: University alcohol policy.
* 10-17-08
Conduct and ethics: Policy on conflicts of interest in the conduct of research at the University of Cincinnati.
* 10-17-09
Conduct and ethics: Employee financial interests in private companies that are commercializing university discoveries, inventions or patents.
* 10-17-10
Conduct and ethics: Ethical conduct in research involving human subjects.
* 10-17-11
Conduct and ethics: Export Control Regulations Administration and Compliance.
* 10-19-01
Patents and copyrights: Policy on inventions and discoveries.
* 10-19-02
Patents and copyrights: Copyright policy.
* 10-21-01
Development: Gifts of personal property.
* 10-30-02
Research: Publication restrictions in sponsored research.
* 10-30-03
Research: Policy on sensitive but unclassified research.
* 10-43-10
Records: Records creation and retention requirements.
* 10-43-11
Records: Rights of privacy, general policy and procedure statement.
* 10-43-13
Records: Corrections.
* 10-43-18
Records: Responsibilities and rights concerning ownership, access to and maintenance of original scientific records.
* 10-45-01
Safety: Policy statement on safety and environmental health at the University of Cincinnati.
* 10-51-01
Sales and solicitation: Policy and procedure.
* 10-55-01
Emergency closures: Announcement.

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