Accessibility Awareness Campaign

Can You Hear Me Now?

Have you seen any of these posters around campus? These were created by the Accessibility Network at UC to raise awareness surrounding eAccessibility. The posters cover four topics, detailed later on this page.

For further information, visit our Start Small Page which provides quick tips to get started with incorporating accessibility into your electronic materials.




Alternative Text

Poster promoting alternative text.

Learners who cannot see a computer screen use screen readers to read image descriptions (alt text) aloud to understand the onscreen information. Add alt text descriptions to images appearing in word processing documents, web pages, online courses and other electronic materials to describe images appropriately.



Poster promoting Headings

Individuals who use assistive technology understand the organization of the material by using screen readers to navigate headings, lists and hyperlinks. Screen readers read words directly, they do not have the capability to interpret information. Using styles is important to convey semantic meaning to learners who are visually impaired.



Poster promoting captioning.

Closed captioning are words at the bottom of the screen that reflect the dialogue in the video. These help with comprehension not only for individuals who are D/deaf or hard of hearing, but they can increase understanding for visual learners, also. Select or create videos with closed captioning to increase understanding of information being conveyed in videos.



Poster promoting transcripts.

Transcripts are words in an electronic document that reflect everything you can hear in an audio or video file. A screen reader can be used to read the words out loud and they are key-word searchable to find information fast. Use transcripts when providing audio and video files to students for learning materials or to prospective students on university websites.

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