Diversity and Inclusion

Embrace. Empower. Excel.

We partner with the Office of Diversity & Inclusion to further the university's commitment to inclusive excellence. We believe a supportive and inclusive culture is one builds upon the diverse strengths of all.

Awareness and Education

Our Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) committee coordinates regular workshops to support the IT@UC vision of an inclusive environment where individual talents are leveraged for the greater team. UCIT team members are required to attend at least one UCIT-sponsored D&I training each year. Members of the IT@UC community and the university community at large are welcome.


We recognize that our success requires accountability at all levels. Our redesigned evaluation form establishes a framework of best practices to ensure a fair and unbiased method for evaluating and providing continual feedback.


We are committed to promoting staff diversity by increasing hires of underrepresented groups including women and African Americans.

Community Engagement

We partnered with the Chief Diversity Officer, CECH and Hughes STEM High school launched the ShareIT development program for future innovators, engineers, coders and leaders. 

Hughes students receive a variety of industry skills including App Development, Web Development and Programming, Robotics, Game Design and Multimedia.

ShareIT is a mentor rich interactive program for students at Hughes and provides a means of promoting STEM programs and establishing early relationships with potential college students.


For more information about IT@UC Diversity & Inclusion, please email itdiversity@uc.edu.

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