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Blackboard Upgrade Status Updates

Information on the December 2017 Blackboard Upgrade at the University of Cincinnati

On Friday Dec. 15, UCIT completed the Blackboard upgrade. This upgrade features a more modern and accessible interface (the “Learn 2016” theme), an updated inline grading tool (New Box View), and improvements to the mobile experience.

Once the upgrade was complete, several issues were discovered with the new Blackboard interface, as well as with the installation of New Box View.

To learn more information, please visit the full article.


The Learning Management System (LMS) Subcommittee of the IT Governance eLearning committee sets the schedule for important updates to Blackboard. The term dates listed in the below tables have been selected to coincide with the following approved schedule:

  • College course templates due to the Blackboard system administrators - 4th week of the prior term (on Monday)
  • Blackboard courses created and enrollments added - 5th week of the prior term (on Tuesday)
  • Student enrollments disabled – 3rd week of next term (on Tuesday)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the UCIT eLearning Team at

2018 | Blackboard Learn Schedule Expand

  • Jan 23rd – Fall 2017 students disabled
  • Feb 13th – Summer 2018 College templates due
  • Feb 20th – Summer 2018 Blackboard courses created and instructor enrollments added
  • Apr 10th – Summer 2018 Student enrollments added
  • May 22nd – Spring 2018 students disabled
  • May 29th – Fall 2018 College templates due
  • June 6th – Fall 2018 Blackboard courses created and instructor enrollments added
  • July 31st – Fall 2018 Student enrollments added