Student Printing with wepa

What is Student Printing?

This service provides printing for students at various locations around campus, including computer labs, libraries, and other UC public locations. 

The wepa service was recommended by university-wide IT Governance, which includes students, faculty and staff, as a replacement for Uniprint.

Student Printing Features & Functions

With Student Printing, students can print from: 

  • lab computers
  • mobile phones and tablets
  • laptops
  • cloud services
  • USB devices
  • plus many other devices

Campus wepa Locations

The wepa system includes a universal print queue, so you can print from wherever you are and pick up your prints from any wepa station on campus.

Visit the Knowledge Base article for more information about wepa locations.

West Campus wepa Locations

  • Braunstein, 4th Floor
  • CCM Library - 608A Blegen
  • CECH Library - 331 Teachers
  • Chem/Bio Library - 501 Rieveschl
  • Classics Library - 401 Blegen
  • DAAP Library - 5480 Aronoff
  • Edwards 1, Lobby
  • Engineering Library - 850 Baldwin
  • French West, Lobby
  • Geo/Physics Library - 240 Braunstein
  • Langsam Library - 4th Floor (6 printers)
  • Law Library - 200 & 314 Law (3 printers)
  • Lindner Center (Athletics) - Room 570/574
  • Lindner Hall (College of Business), 2nd Floor
  • Lindner Hall (College of Business) - Room 211
  • McMicken Hall - Room 030 (Student lounge area)
  • Old Chem - 6th Floor (Near 660)
  • Rieveschl Hall, 6th Floor
  • TUC, 2nd Floor
  • TUC, 3rd Floor
  • Teachers College (CECH)
  • University Pavilion, 2nd Floor
  • West Charlton, 2nd Floor
  • Zimmer Hall, 4th Floor Lobby

East Campus wepa Locations

  • French East, 3rd Floor
  • Kettering - 1st Floor
  • Kowalewski (Pharmacy) - Room 110
  • Kowalewski (Pharmacy) - Room 339
  • MSB Health Sciences Library (2 printers)
  • MSB - Room 1401
  • Procter Hall - 1st Floor

What Are the Costs of Student Printing?

Cost to Print at a wepa Station

Students are charged for the pages they print, using their Bearcat Campus Card.

Although students will now need to pay for their black and white prints, color copies and duplex printing costs have decreased. 

Prices for Student Printing
Price Paper Size Printed Sides Print Type
8.5" x 11" Single-sided Monochrome
(black & white)
(5.5¢ per side)
8.5" x 11" Duplex
(black & white)
27¢ 8.5" x 11" Single-sided Color
(21¢ per side)
8.5" x 11" Duplex 

Individual UC colleges can opt to provide an additional printing subsidy for their students.

Students: Please check with your college about the availability of a printing subsidy.

How to Use the Student Printing Service

Visit the following Knowledge Base articles for how-to information about wepa.

wepa print stations:

wepa apps for personal computer:

wepa apps for mobile devices:

wepa cloud printing:

wepa account:

Requesting refunds from wepa:



Service Request Process

To request the Student Printing service, please contact the IT@UC Service Desk

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