A variety of phone services such ask desk phones, analog lines for conference phones or fax machines, and voicemail can be requested through UCIT's ordering system GetIT.


Voicemail via Phone

UC's voicemail system is designed to provide faculty and staff with convenient access to their voice messages, and is easy to set up.

Voicemail via Email

UC's unified messaging service (UMS) provides the integration of voice and email services, allowing you to access all your messages from one place.

Long Distance Calling

Calling from Campus

Long distance business calls placed from one of UC’s campuses must be made with a long distance authorization code issued by UCIT.

Calling to Campus

Long distance remote access is a cost-effective solution for faculty and staff making business calls to a UC campus phone while traveling. Long distance remote access also requires a long distance authorization code issued by UCIT.

Other Services

Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is a UC phone system feature that provides a way to manage a large number of calls on a small number of phones. Reports can be generated that list total number of calls, hourly call load, and individual agent’s performance. 

Special Circuits

Special circuits include 8XX Services, Full Business Lines, Fire Alarm Circuits,  T1 circuits, ISDN circuits, and Metro-E circuits. UCIT acts as a liaison between UC departments and Cincinnati Bell for these services and charges.

Data Jacks

Activation and deactivation of UC network data connections can be ordered through GetIT. 

Consultation & Training

UCIT can consult on large departmental installs or moves of phones and data as well as conduct telephone & voice mail training, provide documentation and discrepancy resolution of phone and data services, and final customer follow-up to ensure satisfaction of service, all of which can be requested on GetIT.

You can contact us with questions about any of these services at 513-556-WEST (9378).

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