High Performance Computing (HPC)

High-performance computer cluster

About HPC

High-Performance Computing (HPC) is available in a number of locations throughout campus. Whether you wish to work on a department cluster, a UC centralized facility, or in the cloud, UCIT R&D can assist you with your needs. We can also help with obtaining new clusters, co-location, and new cloud-based initiatives.

UC researchers and research assistants have access to the state of Ohio’s powerful Ohio Supercomputer Center’s (OSC) High Performance Computing clusters, software and expertise, as well as Amazon Web Services. UCIT R&D facilitates access to these resources and assists researchers.

Local & National Computational Resources

Ohio Supercomputer Center

Access or learn more about OSC HPC resources using our guide.


Learn about Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment.


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Learn about the NSF-funded Jetstream on-demand cloud environment.

Jetstream Overview - University of Cincinnati
Slides, Cincinnati, OH (March 2018)


Learn about Bridges, a uniquely capable resource for empowering new research communities and bringing together HPC, AI and Big Data.