UC ScienceNet (UCSN)

Network server and cables

About UCSN

UC ScienceNet (UCSN) is a high-speed academic research network that enables high-speed (10Gps-40Gps) data transfers. High speed connections can be made in your office, classrooms, or labs as long as certain security conditions are met. High-speed networking is available for on-campus transfers as well as connections made to endpoints on Internet 2 sites. Transfers to sites on the public Internet are not guaranteed to maintain high(er) speeds.

UCScienceNet (UCSN) connects UC researchers to Internet2 and other National Research Networks (NRENs) via the Ohio Academic Resources Network (OARnet) statewide fiber-optics backbone. Its capacity for high-speed data transfer allows researchers to share massive amounts of research data at 10Gb/s speeds.

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Current Locations

Current UCScienceNet high-speed (10-40Gb/s) connections on west campus.

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