Data Centers, Servers & Storage

UCIT stores, protects, and serves UC’s most important electronic information.  We have a variety of services to meet your computing needs, from enterprise-class servers and data storage to hosting your servers in our data center.

Data Centers

UC Data Center

UCIT operates a primary data center on UC’s east campus, using advanced technologies to provide a secure and controlled environment for UC enterprise services. The Data Center also provides co-location services for college and department servers.

Server Hosting

Virtual Servers

Our enterprise server infrastructure can provide “virtual” servers for your project or service.  Each virtual machine (VM) has the same capabilities as a physical server, but without the cost and overhead of buying your own equipment.  Our server administration team takes care of the hardware and operating system, and you run your application or service.

Physical Servers

If you have a physical server in your college or department, we can provide a secure and controlled environment for it in the UC Data Center.  And if it’s time to replace that physical server, we can explore the costs/benefits of moving to our Virtual Server environment.

Data Storage & Backups

Managed Storage Services

UCIT provides enterprise-class storage services that can scale to meet any of your data storage needs, from simple departmental file sharing to multi-terabyte research data stores.  Available services include data protection, high-speed data access, and administrative support.

Enterprise Backup Services

UCIT currently houses over 4,300 PB (petabytes) of data for UC.  Our data backup services can ensure that your data is protected, whether it’s on our managed storage services or on your departmental servers.

Box at UC

Quick and easy file sharing and unlimited personal cloud storage is available to all students, staff, and faculty via Box.  With Office 365 integration, Box has the tools to edit and author documents collaboratively, and share them with anyone, on any device.

Restricted Data & Box at UC

Use the "Restricted Data" folder in your Box at UC account to store and share sensitive data with collaborators inside and outside of the university.

Sensitive data (e.g. social security numbers, credit card numbers, and/or medical records information) are classified as “restricted” per the university’s Data Governance and Classification Policy.

We will automatically move files containing sensitive data to the "Restricted Data" folder in your Box at UC account.

Please note: Your "Restricted Data" folder does not sync to mobile devices. Use a web browser or Box App to access it with a mobile device. No export controlled data can be stored in Box at UC.


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