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University of Cincinnati
Department of History

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Institute Summary

The Great War has long been narrated in the West as a largely European story, with only passing attention to colonial territories and to soldiers of non-European origin. The terrible stories of the Eastern Front, or of the Ottoman-Russian front, are little told compared to the Western front. One can watch hours of documentary and fictional film, and read thousands of pages of novels, poetry, and memoirs, without learning much about Indian colonial soldiers, the Harlem Hellfighters, or the many colonial subjects from Africa and Asia who fought in the war. Our institute aims to remedy that by studying this critically important era from transregional perspectives on war and the arts, with arts defined not only as literature, performing arts, visual arts, and film, but also as the healing arts. See Welcome Letter for more detail. more

Project Director
Dr. Elizabeth B. Frierson
Associate Professor
History of the Middle East and North Africa
University of Cincinnati
Department of History


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