Working Principles

Our work together will be highly innovative in (1) its transregional reach and (2) its combination of auditory and visual arts with healing arts as ways to understand war at the front and at home. During the institute, leaders and learners will work with several styles of pedagogy, including lecture, seminar discussion, working groups, remote instruction, site visits, and interaction with creators of educational material in Cincinnati cultural institutions. Our diverse group of session leaders will provide (1) data from different regions, (2) analytical models from different regional historiographies, and (3) arts-informed narrative strategies. In working groups, participants will work intensively to bring these threads together to create new pedagogical strategies and research insights. The NEH requires that participants contribute work product from the Institute for dissemination on the world wide web. In addition, it is expected that participants will implement elements of our work product in their home universities and communities throughout the U.S.

Readings and Viewings
How to Apply