UC Professional Practice
Welcome to UC PAL Professional Assessment and Learning

The University of Cincinnati Division of Professional Practice Program, also known as the Cooperative Education or Co-op Program, supports UC's mission of providing the highest quality learning environment. The combination of academics with professional immersion adds a unique dimension to our students' learning.

For Students this site contains educational materials to enhance your on-the-job experiences. Once you login, your required objectives, projects and reports will be available.

For Employers this site allows you to collaborate with your co-op student(s) on assignments and provide the feedback in the Employer Assessment that will help them to grow as a professional. Once you login you'll be able to assess the learning objectives, projects and performance of the student(s) you have currently and those you have had in previous quarters. Thank you for your support of the University of Cincinnati's Professional Practice Program. Our students learn so much from you.

The University of Cincinnati is proud of our educational partnership among faculty, students, and employers. Herman Schneider invented the concept of Cooperative Education here at UC in 1906, and in 2006 we celebrated our Centennial. Schneider's vision of combining scholarly and professional experience for college students has become the award-winning cooperative education program we have today. It is proven time and again that this powerful union of academic and work-based learning provides our students with an education difficult to reproduce in the classroom alone.