Sexual Selection and Sperm Competition in Drosophila

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Michal Polak

Assoc Professor A&S Biology MP Evol Ecol & Behavior
McMicken College of Arts and Sciences
+1 (513) 556-9736

In collaboration with Leigh Simmons and Joseph Tomkins at the University of Western Australia, Michal Polak has been conducted research into the relationship between a male sexual ornament and post-copulatory sexual selection. The main thrust of the project is to understand the evolutionary mechanisms responsible for the rapid diversification of sexual ornaments of animals. Specific hypotheses tested include whether the size of the ornamental trait (the male sex comb) in Drosophila bipectinata reveals the genetic quality of its bearer, and whether ornament size predicts male ejaculate quality, measured as competitive fertilization success of sperm. A component of this project was conducted in collaboration with Yuying Hsu at Taiwan Normal University in Taipei.

Project commenced on September 1, 2006

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