Advanced Medical Image Processing- A UC Collaborative Effort

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Dr. Kenneth L Weiss

Assoc Prof Of Clin-Geo RADIOLOGY
+1 (513) 584-0606

Automated Neuroaxis MRI Screen in Children: Dr. Weiss has been awarded $100,000 by the State of Ohio, to provide Hamilton County’s at-risk children with no-cost brain and spine MRI studies. This latest technology developed by Dr. Weiss and Judd Storrs, Department of Biomedical Engineering, rapidly screens the brain and spine using MRI and computer automation. The mission is to reduce the need for sedation, x-radiation and the high imaging cost associated with diagnosis and surveillance of children with chronic neurological conditions as well as to further UC’s Intellectual Property holdings. This research is a collaborative effort between UC and research scholars in Beijing, China.
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Project commenced on June 17, 2006

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