Planning with Aesthetic and Cultural Landscape Assessment

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Dr. Xinhao Wang

Professor Planning
College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning
+1 (513) 556-0497

The University of Cincinnati and Shandong University collaborate on an initiative to promote sustainable urbanization in China and the United States. Our methodology is based on two observations. 1) Traditionally the assessment and preservation of scenic landscapes have limited on specific areas of scenic and aesthetic value rather than the landscape as a whole. While this approach can preserve and protect areas of national or international significance it addresses the landscape as something separated from its relationship with local people, culture, and welfare. 2) The landscape characters of an area as a whole include a plethora of visual landscape resources of cultural and aesthetic value. These landscape resources need to be included in the assessment of the landscape undertaken within the planning and development process. A thorough understanding of such the mutual impacts between human and nature will be necessary input for planning for sustainable development.

Project commenced on April 10, 2007

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