Planning new cities and communities: Utopias and economic realities

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Dr. Michael C. Romanos

Professor DAAP School of Planning
College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning
+1 (513) 556-4943

This project explores the process by which new towns and cities are planned, designed, financed, built and managed, and the economic, social, physical and managerial conditions under which they succeed or fail. It focuses especially on planned communities as tools of opening up new regions to development, attracting new immigrant groups to settle in the country, creating integrated societies, and in the process building the economic base of regions and spurring economic growth. Currently this project concentrates on planned cities of Brazil, a country which has used new towns as a device to open new areas to settlement, to decentralize its population, and to make land available for farming. I have recently been conducting field research in the planned communities of Parati and Sao Paulo (state of Sao Paulo), Curitiba, Castrolanda and Londrina (state of Parana) and Florianopolis (state of Santa Catarina).

Project commenced on June 1, 2006

Target Countries