Tailoring a Digital Archive for Cultural, Scholarly, and Legacy Stakeholders: The Samaritan Archive 2.0 Project

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Dr. Jim Ridolfo

Assistant Professor A&S English & Comparative Literature
McMicken College of Arts and Sciences
+1 +1 (517) 420-2864

This project explores the benefits and challenges of pursuing a community-centered design approach for digital archives, a process we term an "archive 2.0" model of development. Unlike many existing digital, scholarly archive projects aimed at an audience of other archivists, from the very beginning our project has focused on engaging with these cultural and scholarly stakeholders.

The multiple stakeholder communities include members of the 720-person Samaritan community located in Holon, Israel and Mt. Jerezim, Palestinian Authority, legacy stakeholders, as well as biblical and Samaritan scholars. Consequently, we've conducted fieldwork in the PA, Israel and the USA.

This project received first round NEH ODH Startup funding (2008-2009), and we have several pending requests for additional funding. Jim Ridolfo is co-PI on this project with William Hart-Davidson from Michigan State University.

Project commenced on December 30, 2007

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