Launching of Lead Paint Elimination Program in Philippines

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Dr. C Scott Clark

Professor Emeritus COM EH Env'l & Occupational Hygiene Clark
College of Medicine
+1 (828) 633-1710

Participated in the Launching of the Lead Paint Elimination- Children’s Health First campaign of the Eco-Waste Coalition in November 2010 and made additional presentations to government agencies, students and faculty, paint industry and others in Manila and Cebu. In 2012 participated in the Partners Meeting to provide scientific support for the IPEN Asia Lead Elimination Project. This seven-country project has recently been funded through the European Union for a three and one half year period. The countries involved are: Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Professor Clark has already collaborated with NGOs in four of these countries for several years.

Project commenced on October 4, 2010

Target Countries

Collaborative Institutions