UNEP/WHO Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead in Paint

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Dr. C Scott Clark

Professor Emeritus COM EH Env'l & Occupational Hygiene Clark
College of Medicine
+1 (828) 633-1710

The International Commission on Chemical Management at their second meeting (ICCM-2) unanamously recommended that UNEP and WHO as Secretariat create a Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead in Paint (GAELP). At its organizational meeting Professor Clark was asked to co-chair the Focal Area in Legislation and Regulations. One of the charges to this focal area was to develop guidelines for the elements needed in effective national regulatory frameworks. At its upcoming meeting in Bangkok in July 2012 Dr. Clark and co-chair Prof. Abajide Alo (University of Lagos) will present an overview of their accomplishments and plans for the meeting of ICCM-3 in Nairobi scheduled for September 2012. Members of the focal area have provided assistance to groups in India, Philippines and Sri Lanka as they develop recommendations for legislation.

Project commenced on April 5, 2010