International Premiere of Video Project- Magnetic Resonance Medley (2011)

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Prof. H Michael Sanders

Professor UCBA Electronic Media Technology
UC Blue Ash College
+1 (513) 936-1603

Exhibited video work, Magnetic Resonance Medley (2011) at Cinesonika 2, an annual festival showcasing international works of film and video with an emphasis on fascinating soundtracks, idiosyncratic sound design, eclectic scoring and innovative approaches to the sound-image relationship. Presented at Simon Fraser University Surrey Theatre in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on February 17-19, 2012.

Also gave artist’s talk following the screening of the work and an invited presentation on the production of the video at the concurrent Cinesonika conference.

Magnetic Resonance Medley (2011), video, 11:30 minutes
Produced by H. Michael Sanders and William Boyle, Written and Directed by H. Michael Sanders, Supervising Editor – William Boyle, Audio and Sound Design – H. Michael Sanders and William Boyle

Program Synopsis
Magnetic Resonance Medley is a “sampler in miniature” of the experimental sound work contained on the audio CD anthology, Magnetic Resonance: Collected Magnetic Tape Compositions for Soundtracks and Performances, 1975-2000. Excerpts were drawn from five different audio tracks on the CD, and additional newly recorded sound elements were devised specifically for the project, to create a unique sound design for the video. In the video, two peculiar “mad audio scientists,” based on Sanders and Boyle, the real-life sonic perpetrators responsible for Magnetic Resonance, are persistently recording on magnetic tape and playing back selected segments, apparently driving a poor woman insane. She appears to be in some sort of “institution” and confronts the maddening “sounds” wherever she goes (perhaps they’re in her head). Lou Olenick, real-life colleague of Sanders and Boyle, plays the sonically hounded Louella DeVille with the complete sense of conviction that can only come from the fact that she really does distain their experimental audio work.

Project commenced on February 17, 2012

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