CQU/UC JCI (Joint Cooperative Institution)

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Dr. Xiaoqun (Sherry) Liao

Program Coordinator CEAS - College of Eng & Appl Science
College of Engineering
+1 (513) 556-5418

CQU/UC JCI is a joint Cooperative institution (JCI) between UC and Chongqing University in China. We started with 70 ME and EE students in Chongqing this past 2013 Fall semester. The plan is to ramp up enrollment to 1000 students total in a few years. The curriculum is identical to ours and hence require mandatory coop to be completed in China. Students will spend their 5th year at UC. The announcement for the formation of this JCI program can be seen from:

Project commenced on October 1, 2013

Target Countries

Collaborative Institutions