Hosted Dr. Hui Yuan, Chongqing University Libraries

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Theodore Baldwin

Assoc Sr Librarian UCL CEAS Library (Engineering & App Sci)
+1 +1 513 556 4211

From May 22, 2014 - June 11, 2014, I hosted an extended visit from Dr. Hui Yuan, librarian at Chongqing University (CQU) Library, as part of the emerging partnerships with CQU. During his visit, Dr. Yuan met with many departments and groups in University of Cincinnati Libraries, to gain a richer understanding of American academic libraries. I also arranged for him to visit other libraries in the region, including Ohio State University, Northern Kentucky University, and the Cincinnati Public Library. In his final presentation to UC faculty and staff, Dr. Yuan presented a summary of his visit and learnings, including a comparison of the library systems at Chongqing and UC Libraries and opportunities for further collaboration. In response to his visit, we have started to develop a shared research guide supporting the students in the CQU-UC Joint Co-op institute: .

Project commenced on May 22, 2014

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