Sustainable Urbanism from an international perspective

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Dr. Mingming Lu

Associate Prof. Dept. of Biomedical, Chemical and Environmental Engineering
College of Engineering
+1 (513) 550-0996

A UC Forward course taught by faculty members from CEAS and DAAP. Sustainable practices are taught in class during the semester, and students are taken to China for experiential learning for two weeks afterwards. UC students will live a life of their Chinese counterparts: staying in dormitories and eating at student cafeteria. Our students come from all colleges, COB, CECH, A&S, etc. at both undergraduate and graduate levels. We have about 20 students each year for the past three years.

This course is usually offered in Spring Semester, since its inception in 2013.
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We also publish a book from this course, a free download of our 2014 course can be found here:

Project commenced on April 29, 2015

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