Giving invited presentations/lectures at international conferences/workshops and multiple universities and research institutions in China annually

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Dr. Shuang Zhang

Professor & Dept. Head Mathematics
McMicken College of Arts and Sciences
+1 513556-4052

I have been frequently invited to give presentations by research institutions in China and other countries.
(July-2015) Plenary speaker at the Workshop on Dynamic Systems and Operator Algebras, Math Institute of Jilin University, Changchun, China.
(May -2015) Plenary speaker at the Workshop on Operator Algebra and Harmonic Analysis, Tsinghua Sanya International Mathematics Forum (TSIMF), Hainan Province, China.
(Aug-2014) Plenary speaker at the Special Week on Operator Algebras, Shanghai, Eastern Normal University.
(July-2014) Invited talk at the National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwen.
(April-2014) Outstanding Alumni Honor and invited series lectures at the Capital Normal University, Beijing, China.
(April-2014) Promotional talks about 2+2 joint program in Beijing.
(July-2013) Details about the 2+2 programs, Beijing Information Science \& Technology University, Beijing/China.
(July-2013) Operator Algebras and Applications, Qufu Normal University, Shangdong/China.
(June-2013) Projection structure of C*-algebras, China Ocean University, Shangdong/China.
(June-2013) 7-Lecture Series - Comparison of educational Systems of the USA and China, Capital Normal University, Beijing/China.
(June-2012) Decomposition of positive elements as finite linear combinations of projections. Special week on Operator Algebras, Research Center For Operator Algebras, Shanghai/China.
(June-2012) 5-Lecture Series on Theory of Operator Algebras and Applications. Capital Normal University, Beijing/China.
(June-2012) Invited Colluquium, K-skeleton Factorization and Fredholm Index. Mathematics Institute of Fudan University, Shanghai/China.
(March-2012) About the higher Education System of USA. Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing/China.
(March-2012) About the Joint 2+2 and 2+3 Program in Math/Stat. Capital Normal University, Beijing/China.
(March-2012) The process of application, admission, and attending University of Cincinnati. Beijing Information Science & Technology University, Beijing/China.
(Aug-2011) Overview on important research results in Analysis. Colloquium talk, Capital Normal University, Beijing/China.

(July-2011) Main Speaker, Topology and projections in C*-algebras and multiplier algebras. 2011 Operator Algebra Workshop, East China Normal University, Shanghai/China.
(July-2011) Colloquium talk, K-Theory invariants for classifying C*-algebras, Capital Normal University, Beijing/China.
(March-2011) Colloquium talk, About non-commutative analysis and topology, Beijing Information Science & Technology University, Beijing/China.
(March -2011) Colloquium talk, Non-commutative topology and non-commutative geometry , Capital Normal University, Beijing/China.
(July-2010) Main speaker, International Conference on Operator Algebras. Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences, Beijing/China.
(Sept-2009) Main speaker, the Workshop on classification of C*-algebras. Qinhuangdao/China.
(Dec-2007) Main speaker, the 2007-International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians. Hangzhou/China.
Many others ….

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