Current Lead Levels in New Household Paint

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Dr. C Scott Clark

Professor Emeritus COM EH Env'l & Occupational Hygiene Clark
College of Medicine
+1 (828) 633-1710

A few years ago colleagues and I discovered high levels (up to 20%) of lead in paints available in neighborhood hardware/paint stores in India. We extended this to other areas of India and, with colleagues at Singapore Polytechnic and the University Kebangsaan Malaysia) to Singapore, China and Malaysia. High levels were found in many paints in China, India and Malaysia, countries which do hot have enforced lead regulations Low levels were found in Singapore, a a country with a lead regulation similar to that in the United States, and one that is enforced. In some instances a brand marketed low lead paint in Singapore while at the same time marketing a high lead paint in India or Malaysia. See Environmental Research 102(2006) 9-12. The study is continuing along with efforts to promote the adoption of enforceable regulations.

Project commenced on February 1, 2003

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