Image of Brandy Reeves

Brandy Reeves, M.S.Ed., M.P.H., CHES
M.S.Ed., Higher Education-Student Affairs, University of Kentucky
M.P.H., Health Behavior-Health Promotion, The Ohio State University
B.A., Speech Communications, Miami University
Context | Harmony | Arranger | Responsibility | Includer

Image of Lori Bishop-Ley

Lori Bishop-Ley, M.A.
Assistant Director
M.A., Higher Education-Student Affairs, The Ohio State University
B.A., Communications Analysis and Practices, The Ohio State University
Empathy | Learner | Maximizer | Achiever | Positivity

Image of Sarah Blanton

Sarah Blanton, M.P.H., CHES
ATOD Program Coordinator
M.P.H., Health Promotion and Education, University of Cincinnati 2018
B.A., History, Wittenberg University
Learner | Strategic | Intellection | Input | Developer

Image of Sarah Blanton

Erin R. Mulligan, M.A.
Program Coordinator
M.A., American Culture Studies, Bowling Green State University
B.A., History & American Studies, Ramapo College of New Jersey
Empathy | Includer | Individualization | Developer | Relator

Image of Sarah Blanton

Ryan Anderson
Graduate Student Worker
M.P.H., Health Promotion and Education, University of Cincinnati, 2019
B.A., Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, & B.A., Film Studies, Miami University
Communication | Developer | Arranger | Includer | Input


General Peer Educators

Certified through The BACCHUS Initiatives of NASPA, these paid student workers educate their fellow peers by presenting programs on campus, staff awareness events, conduct peer financial coaching sessions and work office hours in the Student Wellness Center. Peer Educators are trained to have a general knowledge about all topics, however they have particular interest areas.

Image of Kirstyn Thomas

Kirstyn Thomas
4th year Pre-Med Biology Major
Interest Area: Sexual Health
Significance | Activator | Input | Futuristic | Relator


Image Madison Turner

Madison Turner
4th year Finance Major
Interest Area: Mental Health and Sexual Health
Harmony | Responsibility | Empathy | Achiever | Arranger


Image of Siqi Cheng

Siqi Cheng
4th year Psychology Major
Interest Area: Sexual Health and Nutrition
Ideation | Input | Strategic | Intellection | Learner

Image of Mary Saskaninetz

Mary Siskaninetz
3rd year Health Education and Promotion Major
Interest Area: Sexual Health, Mental Health and Substance Use
Achiever | Competition | Strategic | Restorative | Consistency

Image of Lauren Lysko

Lauren Lysko
2rd year Digital Media Collaborative Major
Interest Area: Mental Wellness, Nutrition and Stress
Input | Positivity | Ideation | Strategic | Activator

Image of Mounir Lynch

Mounir Lynch
3rd year Health Promotion/Education and Spanish Major
Interest Area: Mental Wellness, Sexual Health, Financial Wellness, General Wellness
Woo | Strategic | Communication | Ideation | Futuristic

Image of Mounir Lynch

Madison Deckert
4th year Health Education-Public and Community Health Major
Interest Area: Stress Management and Mental Health, Nutrition, Fitness, General Wellness
Relator | Achiever | Futuristic | Individualism | Responsibility

Image of Mounir Lynch

Sylvana Ross
3rd year Biomedical Sciences Major
Interest Area: Sexual Health, Nutrition and Fitness, Mental Health
Harmony | Futureistic | Deliberative| Analytical | Relator


Image of Mounir Lynch

Zara Ahmed
3rd year Biomedical Sciences/Neuroscience Major
Interest Area: Sexual health, Mental Health, and Stress Reduction
Empathy | Intellection | Developer | Input | Belief


STREngTh Peer Educators

The Sexual Violence & Trauma Response Team (STREngTh) Peer Educators mission is to create a safer campus culture by preventing gender-based violence through education and outreach.  These paid student workers are trained to faciliatate conversations with UC students on gender-based violence awareness and primary prevention.

Image of Madison Turner

Katelyn Goettemoeller
3rd year Health Education and Promotion major
Woo | Positivity | Harmony | Empathy | Includer



Image of McKenzie Ackemyer

McKenzie Ackemyer
4th year International Affairs/Pre-Medical Track major
Individualization | Ideation | Restorative | Input | Empathy



Image of Vince Dindia

Vince Dindia
3rd year Health Education (Public/Community Health) major
Analytical | Arranger | Discipline | Context | Harmony