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The University of Cincinnati takes very seriously its responsibility to safeguard student records and identification privacy. To enhance your identity security, UC has a unique identifier for each individual at the University, known as the UCID.

The UCID is your student identification number, used for interfacing with faculty and college advisors regarding your day-to-day student business.  For example, the UCID identifies you for your instructors on their class rosters and on your exams. When you contact your colege or any UC administrative office, you will provide your UCID so that office's personnel can open your individual records.  Your UCID will be linked to all of your UC academic and administrative records - your class schedule, tuition and fees bills, library access, grades and transcript,

What is your UCID?

Your UCID is a nine-character identifier.  All UCIDs begin with the letter “M” followed by eight numbers (for example, “M00345678”).  Your UCID may have a zero ("0") as one of its characters but it will never have the letter "O".  The first character "M" is the only letter in the UCID.

Look up your UCID

  1. Go to
  2. Under "Personal Information", Click on "get my UCID".
  3. Fill in the form online.