Day Date Time Session Location Actions
Tuesday03/03/20153:30 PM--4:30 PMHarnessing YouTube for video editing, student assignments, and the flipped classroomMuntz 117Register
Thursday03/05/201512:00 PM--1:00 PMKaltura App for iOSProcter Hall 288Register
Thursday03/05/20152:00 PM--4:00 PMIntroduction to PythonBaldwin 850D Register
Thursday03/05/20153:30 PM--4:30 PMUCBA Diversity Series: Service Learning to Promote cultural DiversityMuntz 117Register
Saturday03/07/20159:00 AM--12:00 PMTeaching and Research Revitalization: Creating synergy between teaching, research, and service (A Saturday workshop)Muntz 117Register
Monday03/09/20151:00 PM--2:30 PMBasic MEDLINE: PubMedHSL Electronic Classroom G005GRegister
Monday03/09/20151:00 PM--3:00 PMGATE Workshop: Capturing Your Students' Attention: Presentation and Communication Skills for Graduate TeachersLangsam 480CRegister
Tuesday03/10/201511:00 AM--12:00 PMMendeley (Reference Management Tool)Langsam 475Register
Tuesday03/10/20152:30 PM--4:30 PMTitle IX - UCITProcter Hall 286 (Collaboratory)Register
Wednesday03/11/20159:00 AM--10:30 AMBasics of Outlook 2010: Beyond E-mailHSL Electronic Classroom G005GRegister
Wednesday03/11/201511:30 AM--1:00 PMDeveloping your Teaching Portfolios480CRegister
Thursday03/12/20159:00 AM--10:30 AMBasics of Access 2010HSL Electronic Classroom G005GRegister
Thursday03/12/20159:00 AM--11:00 AMReady, Set, Go! Workshop: Planning for Career Advancement (RPT)University Hall Room 450 (East Campus)Register
Thursday03/12/201512:00 PM--1:00 PMUp and Running with BoxProcter Hall 288Register
Thursday03/12/20152:00 PM--4:00 PMRecruiting & Retaining a Diverse Workforce4th Floor UCIT Collaboration RoomRegister
Friday03/13/201510:00 AM--12:00 PMGATE Workshop: Developing and Writing your Teaching Philosophy for the Job SearchLangsam 475Register
Monday03/16/20151:00 PM--2:30 PMSearching Nursing ResourcesHSL Electronic Classroom G005GRegister
Tuesday03/17/201511:30 AM--1:00 PMI don't want to be in Pictures! (But I can see how it might help my teaching)480CRegister
Tuesday03/17/20151:00 PM--2:30 PMPreziHSL Electronic Classroom G005GRegister
Thursday03/19/20159:00 AM--10:30 AMEndNoteHSL Electronic Classroom G005GRegister
Thursday03/19/20152:00 PM--3:30 PMIntermediate Excel 2010: ChartingHSL Electronic Classroom G005GRegister
Friday03/20/20152:30 PM--4:00 PMIntermediate Photoshop CS5HSL Electronic Classroom G005GRegister
Monday03/23/201511:00 AM--12:00 PMMendeley (Reference Management Tool)Langsam 475Register
Monday03/23/20151:00 PM--2:30 PMREDCap for BeginnersHSL Electronic Classroom G005GRegister
Tuesday03/24/201512:00 PM--1:00 PMReaxys (Scientific Research Database)Langsam 475Register
Wednesday03/25/201512:00 PM--1:00 PMSciFinder (Scientific Research Database)Langsam 475Register
Thursday03/26/20159:00 AM--10:30 AMBasics of PowerPoint 2010HSL Electronic Classroom G005GRegister
Thursday03/26/201512:00 PM--1:00 PMKaltura BasicsProcter Hall 288Register
Thursday03/26/20151:00 PM--2:30 PMBasics of Word 2010HSL Electronic Classroom G005GRegister
Friday03/27/20151:00 PM--2:30 PMIntermediate Word 2010HSL Electronic Classroom G005GRegister
Monday03/30/20153:00 PM--4:30 AMOutlook 2013Muntz 117Register
Tuesday03/31/20158:30 AM--4:00 PMApplying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQRM)480cRegister
Tuesday03/31/20152:00 PM--3:00 PMRefWorks for Engineers850D BaldwinRegister
Thursday04/02/201511:30 AM--2:00 PMIntroduction to Scholarship of teaching and Learning480cRegister
Thursday04/02/201512:00 PM--1:00 PMRetention CenterProcter Hall 288Register
Thursday04/02/20152:00 PM--4:00 PMIntroduction to PythonBaldwin 850D Register
Thursday04/02/20153:00 PM--4:30 AMHow to QM Your CourseMuntz 117Register
Monday04/06/20153:30 PM--4:30 PMeLearning Backpack technology demonstration: Apple TV, Swivl, and the Wacom TabletMuntz 117Register
Thursday04/09/20159:00 AM--11:00 AMReady, Set, Go! Workshop: Mentoring & Career GuidanceUniversity Hall Room 450 (East Campus)Register
Thursday04/09/201512:00 PM--1:00 PMCourse CopyProcter Hall 288Register
Thursday04/09/20152:00 PM--4:00 PMRecruiting & Retaining a Diverse Workforce454 - This may changeRegister
Tuesday04/14/201511:00 AM--12:20 PMDocumenting Your Success Brown Bag480CRegister
Tuesday04/14/20152:30 PM--4:30 PMSafe Zone Training - UCITProcter Hall 286 (Collaboratory)Register
Wednesday04/15/201510:15 AM--11:15 AMMultimedia in Blackboard475Register
Wednesday04/15/20151:00 PM--2:00 PMWiki's, Blog's and Journal's in the new Blackboard475Register
Wednesday04/15/20152:00 PM--3:00 PMIncreasing Student Retention and Analyzing Reports in the New Blackboard475Register
Thursday04/16/201512:00 PM--1:00 PMGroupsProcter Hall 288Register
Thursday04/16/20153:30 PM--4:30 PMSpring Faculty Conference ShowcaseMuntz 117Register
Thursday04/23/201512:00 PM--1:00 PMGrade Center adn Grade SubmissionProcter Hall 288Register
Thursday04/23/20152:30 PM--4:30 PMTitle IX - UCITProcter Hall 286 (Collaboratory)Register
Friday04/24/20153:30 PM--5:00 PMFinal UCBA Diversity Series: Where do we go from here? Muntz 117Register
Tuesday05/12/20152:30 PM--4:30 PMSafe Zone Training - UCITConf Rm-MSB G003I HSL Conference Rm.Register
Thursday05/14/20159:00 AM--11:00 AMReady, Set, Go! Workshop: Successful Collaborative ResearchUniversity Hall Room 450 (East Campus)Register
Monday05/18/201512:00 PM--1:00 PMMaximizing Blackboard as a Pedagogical Resource480cRegister
Tuesday05/19/201512:00 PM--1:00 PMPanel Presentation: Exemplary Courses in Blackboard480CRegister
Friday05/22/201512:00 PM--1:00 PMSteal My (eLearning) Idea (for Your Summer or Fall Course)480CRegister