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Pertussis  (Whooping Cough) Alert

There is currently a significant national increase in pertussis cases (whooping cough). This has been occurring over the last couple of years. University Health Services has diagnosed cases on campus during this time. Because of previous immunization, college students usually have a less severe case or one that does not present with all the classical symptoms. But the cough can be severe and disruptive of sleep and daily activities for a fairly long time. Current guidelines suggest that anyone with severe cough or one that is lasting for two weeks seek medical care. Especially if the cough is paroxysmal or causes vomiting. The illness is treatable with current day antibiotics. There is an adult vaccine for pertussis that is included in the routine immunization update for tetanus and diphtheria. Students should check their status on this issue as well. Any questions? You may call UHS or your personal health care provider.

UHS West Campus 556-2564
UHS East Campus 584-4457

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University Health Services Administration
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  • Cathy Castillo, Director of Business Affairs - University Health Services 513-556-6045
West Campus Clinic 513-556-2564
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  • Tawnya McMahan, Assistant Director, Clinical Operations
    East Campus Clinic - University Health Services 513-584-4482
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Environmental Health & Safety 513-556-4968
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University Health Services is the home of two campus health clinics, an on campus pharmacy, Employee Disability Services, Student Health Insurance, and Environmental Health and Safety.

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