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Important To Know

What is Secure Messaging?

  • Secure Messaging may be used by your provider for general information or follow-up care. Be sure to ask your provider about My UC Health.

I have UC Student Health Insurance. What Do I Need to Know About My Primary Care?

  • If you have Student Health Insurance, your primary care providers are located at the UHS Linder clinic (West Campus) or UHS Holmes Clinic (East Campus).

  • Primary care includes diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses, health promotion, disease prevention, health maintenance, counseling, and patient education.

  • Primary Care Services at other locations mentioned on the In-Network list are not covered at the same rate as the UHS Lindner Clinic or UHS Holmes Clinic. 

Referrals…This is Important to Know and Remember!

  • Medical conditions that require treatment by a specialist (orthopedist, cardiologist, gynecologist, etc) require a referral from a University Health Services provider.

  • Referrals written after the Fall semester begins, remain in effect until the beginning of the next academic year.

  • Those requiring ongoing specialty care need to have a University Health Services provider renew their referral yearly.

  • If you are seen in an emergency room and the treating physician refers you to a specialist, contact University Health Services to have a referral written as soon as possible or at least prior to your follow-up visit to any specialist.

The Dental Hygiene Program at U.C. Blue Ash offers dental services.  Follow the link below for more information