The University of Cincinnati will be closed until 11AM Thursday 3/5/15 due to the inclement weather.  Classes are canceled, and all offices -- with the exception of those noted in the UC emergency closing policy (University Rule 30-16-01) -- will be closed.  

Students at the Academic Health Center should follow their college’s inclement weather plan.

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University Health Services

Woman's Health

Call for Advice/Appointments:

  • UHS Lindner Clinic (West Campus) 513-556-2564
  • UHS Holmes Clinic ( East Campus) 513-584-4457


  • Breast exams
  • Pap smears and routine pelvic exams (by appointment only)
  • Pregnancy testing and referrals
  • Screening, diagnosis, and treatment of STI's and vaginitis
  • Abnormal pap follow-up and referrals for follow up care (by appointment only)
  • Evaluation and treatment of woman's health concerns such as menstrual problems, PMS, urinary tract infections, vaginal infections, PCOS
  • Contraceptive counseling, prescription, and management
  • Emergency contraception (Plan B)





Staying healthy today as we reach our goals for the future !