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FAQ’s (pharmacy protocol)

  • What is a prescription refill?
    A prescription refill is the authorization from your provider to receive additional quantities of your medication at some in the future without having to make another appointment with your provider.

  •  How do I request a refill on my prescription?
    As long as you have refills on a current/active prescription through our pharmacy, you can call our 24 hour automated prescription line at (513) 556-6091 and leave a request for your refill to be filled. You may request a refill in person at the pharmacy, though this may be more time consuming.  (Note medical campus students only: please indicate which UHS location you would like to pick up your refill.)

  • Should I call my refill in ahead of time?
    Yes, Absolutely. Calling in ahead of time is a win-win situation for all parties involved. It will decrease your waiting time and aid pharmacist with crucial time management.   Also, if there is an issue with your prescription we can try to take care of it before you arrive, reducing any unnecessary trips to the pharmacy.
  •  What if I want more medication and my prescription has no refills?
    You should contact your provider who will contact us to authorize more refills. Sometimes, your provider will simply authorize refills without having to meet with you, but at times they may want you to make an appointment for additional refills on your medication. 
  • Can my doctor call in a new prescription for me to pick up at UHS pharmacy?
    Yes, However, if you haven't been here before or haven't had the medication before at the UHS pharmacy, it is preferred that you have your provider fax the prescription to (513) 556-1523 (pharmacy) or (513) 556-1337 (office).
  • I have refills for an active prescription at another pharmacy, how do I transfer it to the UHS pharmacy?
    Call us or bring your prescription with the prescription number and phone number of the pharmacy you most recently received it from and we will call and transfer. Remember to make sure the medication is on the formulary. Also, we cannot fill prescriptions for contraceptives from outside physicians. Information on Oral Contraceptive Pill Prescriptions. 

  •  Can I transfer my UHS prescription to another pharmacy?
    Yes, just take or call the pharmacy you wish to go to and give them our prescription number and phone number. They will call us for the information.  Be sure to contact the other pharmacy during the UHS Pharmacy hours (Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.) to assure that we are open when they call to transfer.

  • I am medical campus student and would like to pick up my prescription at the UHS medical campus location (Holmes building, 4th floor). How do I make this request?
    For refills, be sure to mention this when phoning in your request. You will want to order your refill AT LEAST TWO BUSINESS DAYS ahead to assure it will be available for pick up at the UHS medical campus (Holmes building, 4th floor).  Note: you must request that your prescription be sent to the UHS medical campus location EVERY TIME you order.  A newly written prescription can be dropped off at the the UHS medical campus location and it will be sent to the Richard E. Lindner UHS pharmacy to be filled. It will generally take two - three business days for it to be available for pick up at Holmes. Prescriptions must be picked up no later than 4:00 p.m. at the UHS medical campus location, Holmes building, 4th floor.

  •  I have left over medication that I no longer need; can I return it for credit?
    No. We cannot take back a medication that has left the pharmacy due to state law and health regulations.

  • Can I get my diabetic supplies from the UHS pharmacy?
    Yes, the UHS Student Health Insurance plan covers diabetic testing supplies/insulin, but supplies are limited, so they may need to be ordered. You can pay your co-pay on diabetic testing strips/lancets/syringes and will need a valid prescription to insure coverage. 
  • Can I purchase Over-the-Counter (OTC) medications from the UHS pharmacy?
    Yes. For your convenience, we have a selection of OTC medications available for purchase without a prescription. Our selection is limited to basic analgesics/fever reducers, cough/cold preparations, allergy medications, iron supplements, and topical creams.

  • What types of payment do you accept?
    Cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Bearcat card are accepted.
  • Is the UHS pharmacy open during summer and winter break?
    Yes, we are open during normal hours. However please remember; the UHS Pharmacy is closed during all UC Holidays.
  • Can someone else pick up my medication?
    Yes. If your prescription is a refill, please request the refill ahead of time and let us know someone else will be picking it up.
  • I'm unclear about something regarding my medication. Is it a bother to call and ask the pharmacist about it?
    No. If you are unsure about anything involving your medication please feel free to call and talk to a pharmacist. That's the reason we are here.  (513) 556-6091